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El Jalapeno II serves the best appetizers in Youngstown, OH. That is because we make everything out of fresh ingredients, and you can really taste the difference.

Sure, you could pay a lot less for “Mexican” appetizers, but poor-quality American food warmed in a microwave and given a cute name ending in -o is not Mexican. We make real Mexican appetizers. All our food is authentic Mexican fare made with pride from fresh ingredients. We have been making Mexican food for over ten years, so we know Mexican.

In fact, we take so much pride in our appetizers that we believe they are the best appetizers you can get in Youngstown, OH, Mexican or not. Quality and freshness go a long way in making an appetizer superior, and ours have those going for them, plus outstanding cooking skill. Only you can be the judge of whether our appetizers are the best, and we look forward to letting you decide.

Perhaps there is no food that says “Mexico” to more people than tortilla chips and salsa. Our chips are made from the best tortillas, cooked to crunchy perfection, and our salsa is something we are very proud of. One special property of salsa is that there are an almost infinite number of recipes. Ours is 100 percent Mexican down to the last ingredient, and bursting with flavor from just the right balance of vegetables at the ideal stage of ripeness.

El Jalapeno II offers quality Mexican appetizers right here in Youngstown, OH. We also offer a full dinner menu and a full bar. Discover the difference freshness makes in our chips and salsa!

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